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Citizens To Elect W. Alan Rose Smyrna Town Judge

Attorney, campaigning to serve the Citizens of The Town of Smyrna as their next Town Judge.

Walter Alan Rose

Lawyer, Counselor, Attorney at Law and Candidate for the Smyrna Town Judge's Office.

Smyrna, TN, United States

Walter Alan Rose was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and raised by his grandmother Aggie Beckelheimer in Smyrna, Tennessee. She started working at Nissan here in Smyrna before the ground had been broken in the secretary pool and finished her career there when she retired as one of the most beloved Quality Control employees at the entire plant.

Mr. Rose learned temperance, prudence, fortitude, with a special emphasis always being made on faith, hope and most important of all, love.

As a child and youth, Mr. Rose attended Smyrna Christian School, Smyrna Elementary, Thurman Francis, Smyrna Middle School and Smyrna High School where he played Varsity Football and graduated with Honors. His college education was pursued at the University of the South (Sewanee) for 3 years and after living and studying abroad for a time in Germany, Mr. Rose finished his undergraduate education at Middle Tennessee State University. Mr. Rose attended Law School at the University of Memphis, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law before graduating and returning to practice Law in Middle Tennessee.

Mr. Rose has practiced law at the local, State and Federal levels, with an emphasis on Criminal Law, Contracts and Family Law. While practicing Criminal Law, Mr. Rose has traveled to 19 different counties in Tennessee to defend the interests of his clients and while there has paid special attention to the way Judges in these different sized counties and cities ran their Courts.

This directly relevant experience is what caused Mr. Rose to decide to enter the race to become the next Smyrna Town Judge, he saw room for improvement and knew he could do what was required to make the Smyrna General Sessions Court a more effective resource for its citizens and Town government.

Currently, Rutherford County has approximately 290,000 citizens with current estimates charting our County’s growth to approximately 500,000 people in the next decade. This growth in population will put a strain on our current police force as crime statistics will have the potential to rise.

The more calls our officers respond to the more difficult it will be for them to maintain their cohesiveness as a unit so in an effort to protect the safety of our police, if elected Judge in August 2014 for the Town of Smyrna, I would no longer make it a requirement for arresting officers or detectives to make Court appearances on the first appearance of the Defendant because this appearance almost always results in a resetting of the matter until a later date to allow for the Defendant to obtain counsel, either private or via the Public Defender’s office.

This small step has the potential to not only allow the Smyrna Police Department’s officers to get the rest they deserve and need to keep the public safe and enforce the law, it may also enable the Town of Smyrna to save money in the process. Usually Town of Smyrna Police Officers must be paid overtime for their Court appearances.

Let’s say on average this overtime results in $100 worth of compensation for the officer. If the average Defendant appears in Court 3 times until their matter is settled and we cut out one of those appearances, we would already be saving the Town of Smyrna thousands of dollars each year simply by cutting 1 simple and unnecessary appearance currently required by the sitting Judge in Smyrna.

A second step that could lead to potential savings from no longer requiring Smyrna Police Officers to attend the initial appearance for Defendants is that by allowing the officers to get more rest, they will be more alert and therefore safer on their patrols and while driving on Smyrna’s roads which would have the effect of reducing the accidents causing losses in personnel time and equipment damage to cruisers getting involved in accidents which would allow the Town of Smyrna to insure its Police Department at a lower rate.

Another area the Court would improve in should Mr. Rose be elected the next Smyrna Town Judge is that he would make a concerted effort to resolve all matters possible in Smyrna’s Town Court by allowing and encouraging lawyers to have more bench trials for their clients. This would allow the Smyrna Judge to hear the case and make a ruling in Smyrna, without the added cost to the tax payer of impaneling a jury or binding the matter over and further adding to the number of cases for the consideration of the Grand Jury.

A more active Court would allow more Smyrna residents to avoid the inconvenience of traveling to Murfreesboro, which has become even more of a hassle due to recent construction, and to resolve their matter locally while allowing for more revenues resulting from Court Costs and Fines to be collected in Smyrna and thereby directly benefit the Town improving the quality of life for its citizens and allowing more monies to be devoted to things such as schools, parks and road maintenance.

Finally, if elected, Mr. Rose would conduct a review of judicial commissioners, Court policies and procedures in order to bring about a more effective Court with a focus on serving the citizens of the Town of Smyrna in a more effective and responsive manner.

The citizens of Smyrna deserve bonds that fit their alleged crimes and judicial commissioners need the education and training necessary to make consistent and correct probable cause determinations. Mr. Rose would also seek to update the electronic access to the Court via making dockets and motion filing available via the internet, as well as allow lawyers to set motion dates with the Court online. This would be done to enable an easier access to the Court for the Citizens of Smyrna.

Serving the community is an important aspect of Mr. Rose’s Campaign to be Smyrna’s next Town Judge and he looks forward to visiting with old friends and meeting new ones as the Election draws near on August 7th, so if you have any ideas on how you think the Court may improve feel free to share them with me when we meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my candidacy, I hope you will place your vote for me as Smyrna’s next Town Judge on August 7th, 2014!

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